Update #3

Hello Everyone! So sorry I have not been posting even though I got my iPad. I have been really, really BUSY! So unfortunately There will probably be no posts until the weekend, but you never know. So please don’t stop visiting my blog.

Anyways, I just figured out how to change the text color (which I am super happy about) and I wanted your opinion on what color looks best. here are the colors I like best down below.

Sky Blue




So which color do you like best?



Shout Out to your Doll Site



Ok so leave your name and site address in the comments. Then I will update the post and add your site! So tell your friends!
(Please only give me the address to a doll related site. Thank you.)

Let me just say that these  Girls have a wonderful blog. Check it out here at  http://www.thedazzlingdollies.wordpress.com

Here is another really great blog you should check out http://www.agdtime.blogspot.com

Here is a very creative blog you should definitely look at. http://www.fourfriendsincollege.blogspot.com

Here is an adorable site to look at http://www.bestloveddolls.blogspot.com

Here is a wonderful blog you should look at http://www.agandmini.wordpress.com

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Yes, my dolls are going to Camp. I cannot figure out how to put a button on my blog so if you know how PLEASE tell me in the comment.

Okay, yes. These are all my dolls and my sisters dolls. Today we made the kerchief dolls. Yesterday, I made the Covered Wagon, which will be great in a lot of stories. If your doll are going to camp please tell me in the comments.

❤ Kayleigh ❤

You Choose #1 Winner

I am so excited today to show you which picture won! We got a total of 48 votes! Wow! I was so surprised when I looked this morning. But here is the moment you have all been waiting for! (drum roll please……)







Yes, #1 won. Thank you to everyone who voted. Look out for another one of these coming up at the end of this month!


Ella the Princess Servant – part 3

Sorry this part is gonna be kinda short.


Later that night, Gretchen came to Ella’s room. “Knock, knock, it’s me, Gretchen.”

Ella answered the door “Please, to come in,” Ella said quietly, trying to hide the fear in her voice.


“Ella, I have something very important that I have been waiting to discuss with you.”


Ella motioned for Gretchen to come and sit on the bed. “This news is going to be rather shocking. So we must be as quiet as we can.”

Ella fidgeted nervously.


Gretchen sighed, then finally spoke, “You are a…… a…. a princess.”

Ella would of begun to laugh, but something told her not to. Gretchen continued, “You were stolen from the castle garden at the age of only 1. Mrs. Worthington disagreed with the king and queen at this time. You see, the country was struggling at this time. We were running low on money. Mrs. Worthington claimed that she should be Queen. She had more money than the Royal Family. Your father, however would not let her become queen. She was furious and decided that the only way to get back at your father was to take you.”

Ella gasped. “So I… I am a real princess?”

“Yes, yes you are. Your parents passed away a couple of years ago. Mrs Worthington is now trying to have her daughter become Queen at the Royal Ball tomorrow. You must become Queen and stop her. I must not say anymore now. Good Night,”  Gretchen said.


Ella could not believe all of this. She was extremely tired and fell asleep as soon as Gretchen left.

                                                                                  TO BE CONTINUED