Update #3

Hello everyone. Sorry I have not posted in a few days, but there will be a lot more coming soon because…..”…………………. I got an iPad mini. Now it will be easier than ever to post. Advertisements

You Choose #1 Winner

I am so excited today to show you which picture won! We got a total of 48 votes! Wow! I was so surprised when I looked this morning. But here is the moment you have all been waiting for! (drum roll please……)         PICTURE NUMBER 1!!!!!!!!! Yes, #1 won. Thank you to […]

Ella the Princess Servant – part 3

Sorry this part is gonna be kinda short. Later that night, Gretchen came to Ella’s room. “Knock, knock, it’s me, Gretchen.” Ella answered the door “Please, to come in,” Ella said quietly, trying to hide the fear in her voice. “Ella, I have something very important that I have been waiting to discuss with you.” […]

You Choose #1

Okay so, I had this great idea. I am going to change the picture at the top every month. The theme will depend on the month. And so, I will let you choose it! Just cast your vote by commenting or clicking on the poll for picture #1 or #2! I will pick the winner […]

American Girl Chat

Ok, so I know that I have not been posting a lot lately, but it isĀ  because I really do not have a good camera thing worked out. Anyways, you have probably noticed that I added a new page called American Girl Chat. You may be asking yourself “what’s that?” Well it is basically like […]

Marie Grace

Meet the newest edition to my sisters collection……….. Marie Grace! Marie Grace has the sweetest little face. Her eyes are a stunning shade of blue. The pin curls around her face give a special appearance. Her hair is very long and gorgeous. The criss cross braid is tied with pink ribbons. Over all she is […]