My LIfe as an Actress – McKenna

Today I will be doing an interview with McKenna Peterson from Surfs Apart of Me. “Hi Mckenna. Thank you for being here today.” “Oh, my pleasure. Thank you for having me.” “Now, first I would like to ask you about your character. Who do you play?” “Well, I play Kiara. She is Morgan’s older sister.” […]

Meet the McIntires

Name- Kailey Ann Hopkins McIntire Age- 13 Hobbies- Boogie Boarding, Surfing, the beach, crafts, tide pools, and playing with her sisters. Name- Lanie Annastasia Holland McIntire Age- 12 Hobbies- Nature, Lanie loves dogs and cats, horses, flowers, butterflies. Name- Katherine Augusta McIntire Age- 11 Hobbies- Horse back riding, reading, writing, poems, Royal Families, and Irish […]