American Girl Camp Day 1

Sorry I have not posted in like forever, but I have been super duper busy. Also sorry I dint have an announcement about this but it came up so quickly, anyways to day is the beginning of our third annual american girl camp! This years theme is Rebecca, Marisol, and Isabelle. So it’s like dance theme and rebecca is an actress and we needed to add her. Any ways here are pictures from today. Enjoy! 😄❤️

Here is an outfit I crocheted that we are giving away.

The craft for Rebecca was to decorate doilies with markers. Here are some interesting designs the girls made.

Well here is mine that i am not quite finished with as you can see.




This one has to be my favorite. The girl who did this is an amazing artist!❤️

Next was the snack. We had bagels because they are Jewish. We had wheat, cinnamon raisin, and blueberry. With cream cheese.


The game was a dress up relay type game. Because Rebecca is an actress. The girls hAd a lot if fun doing this.

Some of the results were pretty crazy!

After playing outside we came in to make pshkee boxes. They are Jewish charity boxes. Here are some of my favorites below.

Here very beautiful one, painted by the same girl who did the Rapunzel doily.



I really like the teal color on this one.

Here is mine that is not quite finished. (I will be using this in a photo-story)

After the pshkee boxes the girls grabbed their lunches and ate. 😜😝

Soon after that they left and we had a big mess to clean up!;)
Anyways here are some interesting dolls.

Here is an adorable Elsa doll! I just love her!

I just love the dress this Elizabeth doll is wearing.

Well thank you fore reading. Check back tomorrow for day 2!


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