Dear Diary – Ella, the Princess Servant: Part 1

Forever an American Girl cast#1                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               In a beautiful, green meadow, far away from the kingdom of Fair Isle lived Ella. Ella worked for Mistress Worthington in her elegant Worthington Manor. Ella worked hard difficult days. Ella tried to keep her spirits up, but the mean Mistress Worthington and her daughter Amelia Vitoria are so very cruel and demanding. Our story begins with thirteen year Ella in her room wondering what to do before work begins for the day.


Inside Ella’s tiny, tiny room up in the attic there was a bed against one wall and a night table beside the other. Ella shared her room with Cinders, her trusty cat.  “Oh Cinders,” Ella sighed, “When will I ever be able to leave this place? And while I am here what shall I do?”

“Meow,” purred Cinders gently.


Ella walked over to her night table to get a sip of water from her when she looked over and saw her Diary. “Oh, I completely forgot about this Diary the Gretchen gave me,” said Ella softly.

Gretchen was the Worthington Manor’s house keeper. Gretchen was always so very fond of Ella. She gave her the Diary on her thirteenth birthday. Gretchen had taught Ella to read and write, so the Diary made a perfect gift. Ella always favored Gretchen and highly appreciated her kind and friendly company. Ella really could not understand why Gretchen favored her so much when no one else did. But Ella always had a feeling that Gretchen knew something more than she told.

“Perhaps I will begin to write. But what will I write? Oh, I am sure that I will figure out something.”


On the front of the Diary it said Ella. Ella was quite proud of it for she had nothing with her name on it. It was also one of the loveliest things she owned and quite possibly the only thing she owned besides Cinders.


Dear Diary,

I must make a confession, my life is so very boring I am afraid I will not be able to fill your blank pages. But I do have something  for today.

My name is Ella. Yes, that’s right just Ella. I am thirteen years old and I am a servant for Mistress Worthington and her daughter. I once

tried to ask Gretchen (she is the house keeper and very kind at that) if she knew my last name and where I came from. She replied “All in good

time my child. All in good time.”

I do not understand what she means by this. How on Earth did I get here? was I a daughter of another maid? Was I orphaned as a baby and brought here to work as

a servant? Well Dear Diary, I must go for it is 5:30 A.M. and I must work.




Ella put on her cloak and headed outside to the barn to milk the cow.


Once in the barn, Ella began to milk the adorable young cow, Beth. “Oh Beth, I wish I could stay all day in the barn and fields. So free and happy. But I can’t. I must go inside the Manor and tend to my chores,”  sighed Ella sadly.


With the Milk bucket now full Ella walked slowly to the house being careful not to spill a drop.


When Ella walked in the kitchen door Gretchen greeted her with a warm, friendly smile. “Well, good morning my dear. I have your breakfast all ready.”


Ella took off her cloak and began to eat her ham and egg sand which which was so very small compared to the portion size that the Mistress got. But Ella never complained. She always ate her food and was very thankful to have anything to eat at all.


After Ella’s breakfast, Gretchen brought out the Breakfast Platter for Amelia Victoria. She liked to have a wide selection of food to chose from. Ella put on the fancy red table cloth.


Just then Amelia Victoria entered the room. Ella could see that Amelia Victoria woke up some what early because her 6 wardrobe maids had already dressed her and fixed her hair all nice and pretty. If she had not woken up early she would still be in her nightdress. Ella envied Amelia Victoria for her beauty.


Ella curtsied politely and then left. Ella was not allowed to be in the presence of Amelia Victoria while she ate. Only Gretchen was allowed.


Amelia Victoria was an absolute hog! She ate all the food on the breakfast platter and only left one or two pieces. Amelia left the room without even looking at Gretchen not only was she a hog but also a snob!


After cleaning up after Amelia Victoria, Mistress Worthington entered the dining room. “Gretchen, I expect you to have made my breakfast just perfect or else we will be having a talk,” announced Mistress Worthington in a most unhappy tone. Ella of course had to curtsy and leave. Ella felt sorry for Gretchen she worked so very hard and she herself was getting older and the work was getting harder.


Mistress Worthington never ate breakfast with her daughter. It takes Mistress Worthington much longer to get ready. She has Twelve wardrobe maids and is very specific about how everything should be done. Mistress Worthington also did not eat as much food as her daughter. Her breakfast was small and simple yet so very elegant.


Once Mistress Worthington was through with breakfast, she called for Ella. Ella entered the room and curtsied in front of Mistress Worthington. “Yes Mistress Worthington,”said Ella softly.

“You are late. Amelia Victoria needs her room cleaned. She said you have not done it since last night! If you do not hurry off to do that right now we will be having a talk. Do you understand?” asked Mistress Worthington in a most nasty tone.

“Yes Mistress Worthington,” answered Ella politely.

With that said Mistress Worthington turned on her heel and left.

About thirty minutes later Ella entered the bed chamber belonging to Amelia Victoria. “You,” began Amelia Victoria, “you were supposed to clean my room very early this morning! And you did not! I have been waiting for hours and hours. So get this over with quickly. I have much more for you to do!”

“Yes Miss Amelia Victoria,” answered Ella so quiet and tired.


After finishing Amelia Victoria’s room and leaving to do the laundry Miss Amelia Victoria Blurted out one more rude comment. “Uh, you have done such a terrible job even I could have done this better myself. You will never be good at anything. You will always be worthless!” screamed Miss Amelia Victoria angrily.

These words stung Ella like a million bumble bees stinging at once. The air became hard to breath and tears filled Ella’s eyes, yet she was able to say one comment back to Miss Amelia Victoria. “If you could of done a better job yourself, than why don’t you do it yourself!” Ella turned on her heel and ran down the hall to the laundry room. Tears streaming down her face.

Amelia Victoria was so shocked she could not even say something back.


After a very long day of hard back breaking work Ella returned to her room sad and lonely. She took off her apron and kerchief to reveal only thread bear rags. She was tired and sore and heartbroken.


Ella was about to crawl into bed when she saw her Diary sitting there on the night table. She picked it up, carried it to her bed, opened the pages.

Dear Diary,

Perhaps you could tell me why no one likes me. I suppose you can’t. It’s just that….. well Miss Amelia Victoria’s words keep going round my head. I also feel like Gretchen is keeping something from me. She seem to have a worried face on all the time now. I know she tries to cover it up for me, but I can’t stop thinking that it might be about me. About where I come from. But I know I can not ask her she will not answer me. Well I have a long day tomorrow. And I am so very tired. Good night Dearest Diary. Until next time.

Love yours truly,



Part 2 coming soon. And please tell me in the comments if you liked this story. I would love to hear from you.

Thank You.


3 thoughts on “Dear Diary – Ella, the Princess Servant: Part 1

  1. OK so there are two of us Kayleigh and me i am her sister and i comment on the things too so please know that it is not kayleigh who is commenting it is her sister Mallory yes that is me Mallory

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