Surfs Apart of Me part 4

Morgan sat down beside her bed feeling bad. “I can not believe that Kiara said I can’t surf anymore.” Morgan said sadly to herself.

Just then there was a knock at the door. It was Sirena. ” Hi. Your mom said you were up and well I wanted to see how you were doing. ” Sirena said shyly.


“Oh I’m fine and the only bad thing is that my wrist still hurts from those rocks.”
” Oh, we’ll hope it gets better. Did you hear of the surfing meet next week?” ” Yes, I was planning on going, just don’t tell Kiara because she’s against it.” ” Ok, I won’t, how can I help?” ” Tell me everything about it.” ” Well, it’s at Malibu Point, The beach by the cove, and there are a lot of contestants. Anything else?” ” No, you’ve given me all I need. Thanks for being such a great friend Sirena,your a big help.”


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