Surfs Apart of Me part 2

Mean while at the party, Sirena, a suffer who moved into town about a month ago decided to take a walk on the bech.

While walking along the beach Sirena noticed a surfboard peeking out of the water. ” I wonder who’s board this is and why is it so close to Dead Man’s Cove?” Sirena asked aloud. Suddenly Sirena realized that this was not just a surfboard it was someone in trouble.

Sirena dived into the water as fast as she could with the surfboard.

She searched the choppy waters. Desperately looking for the girl.

She saw a hand poking up from the water and paddled toward her as fast as she could.

Sirena dove down to the spot where the hand was.

Finally, she found the girl underwater.

Sirena found some rope and tied it around Morgan’s chest.

Sirena swam up to the surface with all her might pulling Morgan along.

Sirena paddled toward shore with Morgan upon the surf board.

Once on shore, Sirena tried to bring Morgan back to life.

Slowly, but surely Morgan’s ocean blue eyes fluttered open. Sirena breathed a sigh of relief.

“What happened?” Morgan asked.
“You went under.” Sirena replied softly.
“Thank you for saving my life.”
” Your welcome. I was once caught in the cove too.”

Meanwhile back at the party Kiara began to wonder where Morgan was. She frantically asked people, but they did not know where Morgan had gone.

Kiara ran down the beach calling, ” Morgan! Morgan!” Finally she found her sister on the beach.

Kiara ran up to Morgan and gave her a BIG hug! “Come on sis lets get you home.”
thank you
Part 3 coming soon!


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