Surfs Apart of Me part 2

Mean while at the party, Sirena, a suffer who moved into town about a month ago decided to take a walk on the bech. While walking along the beach Sirena noticed a surfboard peeking out of the water. ” I wonder who’s board this is and why is it so close to Dead Man’s Cove?” […]

Meet the McIntires

Name- Kailey Ann Hopkins McIntire Age- 13 Hobbies- Boogie Boarding, Surfing, the beach, crafts, tide pools, and playing with her sisters. Name- Lanie Annastasia Holland McIntire Age- 12 Hobbies- Nature, Lanie loves dogs and cats, horses, flowers, butterflies. Name- Katherine Augusta McIntire Age- 11 Hobbies- Horse back riding, reading, writing, poems, Royal Families, and Irish […]