Nifty Soccer knots

So where do I begin? Friday was my birthday and now I am now officially a teenager. That’s right yesterday was my thirteenth birthday! 🙂

For today’s post I would like to show you some cute pictures I took of Kailey in a soccer outfit and adorable little nifty knot hairstyle!

Just laying in the grass.


I even added a little bow to give a girly look. Lol!


Or you can put a bow in the back which I prefer.

Please let me know if you would like a tutorial on this hairstyle in the comments! Don’t forget to like and subscribe!
Thank You

American Girl Chat Weekly Topics

Hello Everyone! I am back today to share some exciting news! I had a great idea to have a weekly topic to chat about on American Girl Chat! Everyone seemed a little lost as to what to talk about so I thought why not start a weekly topic? This way even when I am not here posting, you girls can still talk about A.G. stuff and keep connected! SO now I will tell you this week’s topic. You ready? (Drum Roll Please……


OKay so not the greatest theme, but I thought I would kinda start from the begining. Anyways have fun!

❤ Kayleigh ❤


Hello everyone! Let me just say its been way too long since I last posted and, yeah……. So, I am going to make more of an effort to post. Probably about once a week. I have all these ideas and then I just get so busy, forget, and then realize its been three months since I posted!!!!!!!! I have gotten a lot of views though, due to the fact that well i haven’t posted. But as I said before I am back (hopefully;) ) and ready to post. However my iPad has a crack and needs a better protective case so that will hold things up for only a few days. Thank you for taking the time to read this and please comment, like, and subscribe! ❤ 🙂


American Girl Camp Day 2

Okay, today is Rebecca day 2. And all the campers are having a blast! Here is what we did today!

Rebecca went to Coney Island, so we recreated a Coney Island ourselves!

In the morning we talked a little more about Rebecca, then headed outside for some fun and games!

We had quite a few good games like The Ducky Game.

Walking the tight rope! (Well actually a balance beam. 😉 )

Ball Toss.

A game where you try and spray ping pong balls off of cups with water guns.

Fishing Game.

During the games we took orders for Snow Cones!

Here are some blueberry snow cones! Yum!

These are some favors we have. Cotton Candy, Root Beer, Blueberry, and Grape.

This is our snow-cone maker.

After games and Snow-Cones, we came inside to make our craft.

The craft was suitcases that say “I am going to America and I will bring…..”
Then you had to write or draw what you would bring with you.

The really good artist I told you about in the last post drew this amazing suitcase. Here are some more below!



For lunch we had hot dogs and chips!

During some free time a couple of girls decided to play hair salon! Here are some pictures of the dolls who went to get a make-over!


My doll Katherine.

I also took pictures of almost every doll! Here are some of my favorites!

Adorable Anna and Elsa!

Pocahontas in Rebecca’s clothes.

We had at least three Saige dolls today. Here are two of them.

Here is a very beautiful Felicity.

Thank you for reading. Check back tomorrow for day two!

American Girl Camp Day 1

Sorry I have not posted in like forever, but I have been super duper busy. Also sorry I dint have an announcement about this but it came up so quickly, anyways to day is the beginning of our third annual american girl camp! This years theme is Rebecca, Marisol, and Isabelle. So it’s like dance theme and rebecca is an actress and we needed to add her. Any ways here are pictures from today. Enjoy! 😄❤️

Here is an outfit I crocheted that we are giving away.

The craft for Rebecca was to decorate doilies with markers. Here are some interesting designs the girls made.

Well here is mine that i am not quite finished with as you can see.




This one has to be my favorite. The girl who did this is an amazing artist!❤️

Next was the snack. We had bagels because they are Jewish. We had wheat, cinnamon raisin, and blueberry. With cream cheese.


The game was a dress up relay type game. Because Rebecca is an actress. The girls hAd a lot if fun doing this.

Some of the results were pretty crazy!

After playing outside we came in to make pshkee boxes. They are Jewish charity boxes. Here are some of my favorites below.

Here very beautiful one, painted by the same girl who did the Rapunzel doily.



I really like the teal color on this one.

Here is mine that is not quite finished. (I will be using this in a photo-story)

After the pshkee boxes the girls grabbed their lunches and ate. 😜😝

Soon after that they left and we had a big mess to clean up!;)
Anyways here are some interesting dolls.

Here is an adorable Elsa doll! I just love her!

I just love the dress this Elizabeth doll is wearing.

Well thank you fore reading. Check back tomorrow for day 2!

Photo-Shoot at the Botanical Gardens

A few days ago I went to a botany class at our botanical gardens. That morning I decided it would be fun to have a photo shoot with one of my dolls. But who should I bring? I finally decided on Lanie for two reasons # 1 she is a garden-type girl, #2 I really do not have many pictures of her. I dressed her in her Meet dress headband and shoes. So without further ado, here are my pictures.

Ok well, for starters she has terrible hair conditions. So I had to braid it. (Which does not look that bad except for the split ends.)


This one tree was so tall and had so many little hiding spots.

Lanie is just so beautiful and photogenic. I think I might use this one As her profile picture.

Going up some steps.

Going up steps from a different angle.

Wow! Up so high! 😜


In the Japanese Garden the had a pond with coi fish.

Here is Lanie on the bridge.

How cute is this bonsai tree that is perfectly doll size.

In the Rain Forest Garden they had the most beautiful water fall.

And here is our last picture, of Addy and Lanie.

Happy Fathers’ Day

Happy Fathers’ Day everyone! Thank you to all the wonderful Dads out their!

Today I thought that I would do a post on American Girls’ Fathers, because they play a big part in most of the books. So let’s take a quick look.

Here we have Kailey Hopkins and her Dad order food a a diner.
(Picture taken from Kailey

Here is Kit running to her Dad after he got home from work one day.
(Picture taken from Meet Kit. )

And last but not least, Cecile and her father in the parlor.
(Picture taken from Cecile)

Thank You
More posts coming soon!